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TRT Clinic


Testosterone Replacement
Therapy (TRT)

Personalized To Achieve Your Optimal Level

Our TRT program is a subscription that provides EVERYTHING you need for your therapy.  We set up an initial assessment and consultation to discuss what symptoms our patients are struggling with, and how TRT may help resolve these symptoms.

Our initial assessment combines a complete medical and lifestyle history to identify any contributing causes.  We combine this information with your lab values to determine where effective treatment will start.  The initial assessment fee is $279.  It includes everything to get setup, including your consultation, labs, and enrollment.  This cost also includes your first medication order.

Once you are a member, your fee of $184/month includes all your medication (including aromatase inhibitors), shipping, syringes, needles, prep kits, and safe needle disposal containers.  You also have continued support with follow up appointments at no extra charge (including lab work).  Your medication and supplies are shipped discretely right to your front door.


TRT Optimal Male

$184 / month*

Membership includes all prescribed medication & supplies.

*New patients must complete an initial assessment and consultation to enroll.  Patients who wish to proceed with treatment will have their first order of medication covered by the initial fee.  Billing will begin the following month at the $184/month rate.

TRT Clinic Monthly Memberships

Is this membership right for you?

This membership is designed for men seeking testosterone replacement therapy (an ongoing therapy for men ​with low testosterone levels).  Our monthly subscription fee covers all medications, supplies, shipping costs, and follow-up appointments.  Our members have their medications and supplies delivered to their home address.  This membership is ideal for any male seeking TRT they can complete from their home - and have access to professional support.

What's included in the membership?

  • Your monthly subscription fee covers all of the following:

    • Testosterone cypionate medication​

    • Aromatase inhibitor medication

    • Syringes

    • Needles

    • Prep kits

    • Shipping

    • Safe needle dispensing container

  • Follow-up appointments and lab work is also included in your subscription.  You can schedule your appointments by calling us at 815-200-4770 or you may book an appointment online.​

Ready to get started?

Call us today at 815-200-4770 to learn more about our TRT Clinic Monthly Membership and how it can help restore your vitality!

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